Aug 7, 2020
Personal Branding

Don't be the best in your field

Build a profitable business around your expertise
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Trying to be better than others is certainly a recipe for frustration and impostor syndrome. But to be, either in professional and personal life, better than you were yesterday is common advice that beautifully demonstrates how we should face progress and self-development.

The challenge I see here is that it's easy falling into the trap that we should professionally be better than others. When we talk about people that work in the same field as us we refer them as "competition". Well, in a competition you want to be the best and win a gold medal.

But what differs the market from the sports world?

If you were to be the best in your field, that would imply that all your competitors are out of business since you have the best solutions for your customers.

What's best for me might not be the best for you. Best is relative, emotional. Best is highly arguable.

What if instead, you were communicating your authenticity and just being different? Biology, childhood, experiences... we were all born unique and were shaped by the world in a unique way, with a unique point o view.

Go do the work of putting into words what's unique and different about you and start communicating that. It will surely resonate better with people that are relevant to you and your business.

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