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Maya & Braga

Maya & Braga is a Brazilian law firm that operates in several areas and aims at making the law more approachable and understandable for its clients.

A new identity was created to better communicate the firm's reputation and mature image. The website was built to inform the user about the firm's services and its location. Articles and news from the blog are a complement in which the user might find additional and useful information.

Maya e Braga logo

The classical serif typeface together with the blue and grey colors helps in visually conveying the sobriety commonly associated with law firms. To contrast with it, copper is the color that brings personality to the brand and function as an accent.

Maya e Braga logo versions
Maya e Braga secondary logo
Display of typefaces used in this project
project's colors grey, blue and copper

When looking for a law firm, a person is in some kind of trouble.

He or she needs to trust right away in the firm and have easy access to the information they're looking for, so they can get in contact with it and schedule a meeting.

"Áreas de Atuação", the most important page of the website, displays the content in two columns with different information each, and in an accordion that once clicked shows articles and news related to that specific area of law.

user persona, a woman frustrated
project's wireframe
project's sitemap
project's high fidelity wireframe
layout grid
Maya e Braga's homepage
Maya e Braga's homepage on mobile
Maya e Braga's website interal page on iphone
Maya e Braga's website interal page on macbook
Maya e Braga's website interal pages on apple devices
Maya e Braga's business card and website pages displayed on ipad and iphone
Maya e Braga's website pages displayed on iphone
Maya e Braga's business cards
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